歌手 Gackt 
作詞 Gackt.C 
作曲 Gackt.C 
編曲 Gackt.C  chachamaru 
閲覧数合計:3459 今月:25




Gackt - Lu:naGackt - Lu:na
La última (al menos por ahora sí). Necesito dormir Link de descarga =3
Lu:na - GACKT lyrics (English + Romaji)Lu:na - GACKT lyrics (English + Romaji)
The version of the song is from the album "Are You Fried Chickenz?" and the lyrics + translation was taken from ~ Feel free to subscribe and check the other videos I made. I'll...
Gackt Lu:na LiveGackt Lu:na Live
Gackt singing Lu:na during The Sixth Day and Seventh Night concert..Download mp3 -
GACKT - LU:NA English subGACKT - LU:NA English sub
Gackt Training Days 2006 Drug Party.
AMV Hokuto Masters - Lu na by Gackt -  Hokuto no KenAMV Hokuto Masters - Lu na by Gackt - Hokuto no Ken
Well, here is. Hope you enjoy again. Hokuto no Ken is a masterpiece. If you didn´t watch, take a look. You won´t regret. THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN-MADE AND IS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH THE MUSICAL...

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