歌手 Gackt 
作詞 Gackt.C 
作曲 Gackt.C 
編曲 Gackt.C 
閲覧数合計:1790 今月:12




Fragrance by GacktFragrance by Gackt
Fragrance by Gackt Enjoy^-^ plz comment.
gackt fragrance live (subtitled)gackt fragrance live (subtitled)
My favorite Gackt song performed live.
Gackt - Fragrance LyricsGackt - Fragrance Lyrics
Finally another upload. Another beautiful though not as well known song by Gackt. Enjoy. Lyrics, as always, by MinaP, song is from the MOON album. yukisaki sae mo mitsukerarenakute kaze...
Fragrance LiveFragrance Live
Gackt proves any love is possible by making love with a mic stand.
Gackt KnT -  Part 4 [Fragrance]Gackt KnT - Part 4 [Fragrance]
Gackt Kagen no Tsuki 2002 tour. So special it gets a video to itself. Fragrance. -melts- This is the song, and the video, that made me fall in love with Gackt. Is it surprising? I don't think so.

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