Illness Illusion

歌手 Gackt 
作詞 Gackt.C 
作曲 Gackt.C 
編曲 Gackt.C 
読みいるねす いりゅーじょん
閲覧数合計:1399 今月:15



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GACKT - Illness IllusionGACKT - Illness Illusion
Artist: Gackt Album: Mars [26.04.2000] Song: Illness Illusion.
Illness Illusion by GACKT (Cello Version)Illness Illusion by GACKT (Cello Version)
A fanmade cello arrangement of GACKT's lovely song 'Illness Illusion'.
illness illusion - Gackt (german subs)illness illusion - Gackt (german subs)
deutsche subs zu illness illusion von gackt.
gackt-illness illusiongackt-illness illusion
(カラオケ)Illness Illusion GACKT を歌ってみた(カラオケ)Illness Illusion GACKT を歌ってみた
This is a song of the "MALICE MIZER" style.^^ This is a song which promises eternal love.

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