It's only the fairy tale

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It's only the fairy tale/アリッサ・シアーズ(CV:宮村優子)【オルゴール】 (アニメ「舞-HiME」挿入歌)It's only the fairy tale/アリッサ・シアーズ(CV:宮村優子)【オルゴール】 (アニメ「舞-HiME」挿入歌)
R3 Music Boxオルゴール全曲集 [Part 1] [Part 2] □アーティスト・カテゴリ別再生リスト □R3 Music...
It's Only The Fairy Tale - Miyamura Yuko 宮村優子It's Only The Fairy Tale - Miyamura Yuko 宮村優子
Lyrics: Jim Steele Music: Kajiura Yuki 梶浦由記 Who are those little girls in pain Just trapped in castle of dark side of moon Twelve of them shining bright in vain Like flowers that...
Yuko Miyamura - It's Only the Fairy Tale "宮村優子Yuko Miyamura - It's Only the Fairy Tale "宮村優子
"宮村優子-It's only the fairy tale", grabación de sonido administrado por: BANDAI_Co_Ltd.
Mai-HiME: It's Only the Fairy-Tale (lyrics)Mai-HiME: It's Only the Fairy-Tale (lyrics)
WARNING: Contains spoilers if you get the story of the song) It's been a while since I uploaded anything... Haven't really been inspired I guess. The song is a little old, but I don't care....
It's only the fairytaleIt's only the fairytale
以前、こえ部で公開していたものです。 ワンコーラスのみ。 Audacityにてオケ音源に合わせて歌っただけのものです。 オケ音源はこちらの動画の...

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