My First Love

歌手 氷上恭子 
作詞 森ユキ 
作曲 坂本裕介 
編曲 坂本裕介 
カテゴリ アニメ Di Gi Charat イメージソング
読みまい ふぁーすと らぶ
閲覧数合計:485 今月:6



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氷上 恭子 - My First Love氷上 恭子 - My First Love
I don't own the song or the image. All rights reserved to Broccoli.
「Snow Train」 Chiffons (氷上恭子・増田ゆき・小島幸子)「Snow Train」 Chiffons (氷上恭子・増田ゆき・小島幸子)
To Be Continued - Last OrderTo Be Continued - Last Order
The second single from "Core Pop", and the last single that To Be Continued ever released. Issued on September 8th, 1999, this single failed to chart as well, ...
DiGi Charat  制服とリップクリーム 氷上恭子DiGi Charat 制服とリップクリーム 氷上恭子
The song is sang by 氷上恭子.
Hand Maid May Opening (No subs)Hand Maid May Opening (No subs)
The opening for the anime Hand Maid May without subs.

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