歌手 Gackt 
作詞 Gackt.C 
作曲 Gackt.C 
閲覧数合計:1127 今月:4




Gackt FutureGackt Future
future lyrics kurayami wo tsuyoku terasu aoi tsuki suimen no zawameki wa kaze no uta kese wa shinai ayamachi wo kurikaesu watashitachi no ashiato wo ...
GACKT - future live sub EngGACKT - future live sub Eng
gackt is the best!! enjoy!!
Gackt Diabolos Tour 2005 FutureGackt Diabolos Tour 2005 Future
gackt singing future song in diabolos tour 2005 enjoy watching :)
Future (Final Fantasy X)Future (Final Fantasy X)
Game: Final Fantasy X Song: Future - Gackt Camui I had posted one of these on my old account, but had remade it. This one is much better than the other.
Gackt-Farewell & FutureGackt-Farewell & Future
This is the first song i listened too. I loved the lyrics, his voice and this remains of my favourite songs. As for farewell, i love how graceful he is and the beats are ...

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