歌手 Gackt 
作詞 Gackt.C 
作曲 Gackt.C 
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Gackt - Storm (live)Gackt - Storm (live)
A video of Gackt perfoming Storm Live. I claim no ownership, it belongs to its respected owners. This is strictly for entertainment purposes only, not publicity. Only Entertainment. Aritist:...
Gackt - Storm (With lyrcs and pics)Gackt - Storm (With lyrcs and pics)
Well, this is a present for my mom *jaimie00* but you all can watch it. It's my first time ever making a vid like this, so tell me what you think =)
Gackt - StormGackt - Storm
DIABOLOS(アルバムガクト) DIABOLOS - 第六スタジオ完全長、日本で日本のソロアーティストGektom 2005年9月21日が発表したアルバム、およびヨーロッパ...
Gackt - Storm.hun subGackt - Storm.hun sub
Gackt - Storm (Diabolos tour) magyar felirattal.
Gackt storm live drug party [ lyrics and eng sub ]Gackt storm live drug party [ lyrics and eng sub ]
Note : (1) I learn the best kanji through Gackt lyrics. Gackt uses a somewhat rare kanji for naku, a word that normally means "to cry". Now, depending on the character used, it can me "to...

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