Go the Distance

歌手 藤井フミヤ 
作詞 David Zippel 
作曲 Alan Menken 
読みごー ざ でぃすたんす
閲覧数合計:54942 今月:768



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Hercules - ゴー・ザ・ディスタンス (藤井フミヤ)Hercules - ゴー・ザ・ディスタンス (藤井フミヤ)
Japanese pop version of "I can go the distance". It's sung by Fumiya Fuji. DISCLAIMER: I do not own the song used in the video. The copyright belongs to Disney and the singer respectively.
JAPANESE - I Can Go The Distance (Pop ver.) 藤井フミヤ  歌詞付きJAPANESE - I Can Go The Distance (Pop ver.) 藤井フミヤ 歌詞付き
Movie: Hercules.
Go the Distance - Yu ShirotaGo the Distance - Yu Shirota
Michael Bolton - Go The Distance (Music Video)Michael Bolton - Go The Distance (Music Video)
Music video by Michael Bolton performing Go The Distance. from the album Hercules: An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack (C) 1997 Sony Music Entertainment.
Go the Distance/藤井フミヤGo the Distance/藤井フミヤ

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