Better days

歌手 Sowelu 
作詞 Marko 
作曲 大野宏明 
読みべたー でいず
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m-flo loves Sowelu / SO EXCLUSIVEm-flo loves Sowelu / SO EXCLUSIVE
4thアルバム「BEAT SPACE NINE」収録。
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In Clinic check ups at Sowelu WellnessIn Clinic check ups at Sowelu Wellness
The cells in your body are constantly changing, your Red Blood cells, for example have a life cycle of just 120 days. This means you can change your health dramatically (for better or for worse)...
m-flo loves 加藤ミリヤ / ONE DAYm-flo loves 加藤ミリヤ / ONE DAY
4thアルバム「BEAT SPACE NINE」収録。

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